Smile Care Dentists is pleased to announce we have achieved full Accreditation.

This demonstrates that our commitment to providing excellent service complying with all local and national legislations have been recognised by independent authority QIP (Quality Innovation Performance).

A clinic that has achieved full accreditation has demonstrated their commitment to providing excellent dental care.

QIP practices are committed to continuously improving these standards.

Accreditation is voluntary but when you choose an accredited practice you can be sure you are receiving high quality dental care which adheres to strict protocols designed to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

What is accreditation exactly?

Accreditation is independent recognition that an organisation, service, program or activity meets the requirements of defined criteria or standards.

Accreditation provides quality and performance assurance for owners, managers, staff, funding bodies and consumers.

Accreditation is a tool to measure and improve performance and outcomes.

What accreditation means for YOU as our patient is that we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care that YOU DESERVE by:

  • Assuring YOU of compliance to local and national legislation’s
  • Reducing risk FOR YOU by adhering to the highest infection control standards which are regularly monitored and assessed for the utmost compliance
  • Obtaining and maintaining the highest quality equipment and materials available to us to ensure YOU are receiving only the best treatment possible
  • Accreditation ensures that YOU as our patient are fully informed and are part of the decision making in YOUR treatment with us
  • All staff go through intensive training and regular assessment to ensure they’re fully up to date with the latest infection control, procedures, patient care, first aid etc, this ensures YOU are in safe and capable hands

Accreditation can help an organisation to:

  • Provide independent recognition that the organisation is committed to safety and quality
  • Foster a culture of quality
  • Provide consumers with confidence
  • Build a better, more efficient organisation with quality and performance assurance
  • Increase capability
  • Reduce risk
  • Comply with regulatory requirements, where relevant

Smile Care Dentists would like to extend a thank you to all of our team members especially Sarah and Ashley for helping the practice achieve this.